Grandparents’ Day

Watch the livestream of our grandparents’ day 2024 and enjoy a day of college life with your grandchild.

2024 Student Leaders’ Induction

On Thursday the 8th of February, Heights College Captains participated in the Annual Student Leaders’ Induction at St Joseph’s Cathedral. Students joined with student leaders from schools across the Rockhampton District. Students were introduced to the community and the service concluded with a joint leadership pledge. After the ceremony, students adjourned to The Cathedral College […]

Year 6 Graduation 2023

Join us in the celebration of our Year 6’s as we graduate our class of 2023. Watch Recording Here

Year 12 Graduation Arrival

Watch our Year 12’s they enter the school grounds for their grand formal entrance and walk-in for 2023. Watch Recording Here

Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Watch our 2023 Year 12’s celebrate and commemorate their schooling with Heights College during their graduation ceremony. Watch Recording Here

Grandparents’ Day – Friday 28 April

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