From Year 6 to Year 12 Heights College boasts an annual camping program with set goals and objectives which the teachers aim to achieve. This program aims to develop all aspects of every child – body, mind and spirit. The program fits in with each year level’s curriculum and provides an opportunity for the teacher to develop aspects of the class program in an alternative environment to the classroom. Rapport is also developed between staff and students on these camps.

Year 6
Luther Heights
Sunshine Coast
5 days
An opportunity to develop citizenship, teamwork, social leadership and self management skills within a fun and challenging environment.
Year 7
Brisbane and Surrounding Districts
5 days
A cultural trip to complement the Science and History/Geography classroom curriculum.

Year 8 and
Year 9

Brisbane and Surrounding Districts
4 days
Gender streamed camps with alternating venues. Year 8 & 9 males will attend venue A one year and venue B the next, etc.
Leadership and breakthrough camps aimed at developing an understanding of what it takes to be men and women of Godly character.
Year 10
Sunshine Coast
5 days
A camp designed to overcome personal fears and strengthen cohort unity.
Theme: Draw a line in the sand.
Year 11
Emu Gully, Brisbane
4 days
A physically challenging Leadership Camp built around the ANZAC tradition.
Year 12
7 days
An opportunity to identify individual giftings in a practical environment with a focus on strengthening group cohesion, regroup.