Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Programs

All Senior students are involved in a range of extra and co-curricular activities, with opportunities to further their development in this area being readily available across a range of endeavours.

Compulsory participation by students occurs in the following events.

All Year 10, 11 and 12 students
- ICAS, English, Maths and Science exams annually

Year 10
- 1 week work experience in Term 3
- 1 week camp, Coolum - 'drawing a line in the sand'

Year 11
- Equivalent of 3 days community service
- Leadership Camp - 3 days at Emu Gully
- Peer support program - (developing leadership skills, resilience and values)
- In Term 3, Buddy program is introduced with the Prep students

Year 12
- Buddy system with year 1 students
- Responsibility for organising Big Day Out, Student/Teacher sporting events
- Leadership Retreat
- QCS Test preparation

Students have opportunities to participate in the following.

- Homework Centre - 2 afternoons each week
- Science, Business and Maths Team Challenge Competition
- Start University Now (SUN) subjects at Central Queensland University (CQU)
- TAFE subjects
- Rotary Quiz
- Extended Learning Programs

- Teams include Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball, Equestrian, Touch Football
- Interschool Carnivals for Athletics and Cross Country
- Attend Rockhampton District Trials in any of QSSSSA sports.  If successful, proceed to Capricornia then Queensland trials.
- Interhouse Carnivals in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics

- Debating; Mooting
- College musical every second year
- Praise and Worship Leaders
- Guest Speakers, eg Spinal Education Awareness Team (SEAT) and Motivational Media
- See you at the Pole
- 40 Hour Famine
- Red Shield Appeal
- Bands, Choirs and Ensembles

- Additional work experience
- School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SATs) for students 15 yrs+
- Careers market
- Guest speakers eg CQU, JCU, TAFE

All students are involved in a Sports Program, a 100 minute session each week, with activities to cater for students of all ability levels.