Heights College App


Heights College uses the app pictured below (Android and Apple versions) to communicate with parents of Heights College students. The app provides families of Heights College with one touch access to important information from around the school. The app utilises push notifications that will alert the user of events planned or postponed, or the posting of information letters to particular groups and year levels. You are also able to connect with the College, for example, to report an absentee student. The app is customisable so that you only receive the information relevant to you - see instructions below.


Notices – The notices section is where Heights College will keep parents informed of important daily notices.

Events – Calendar of all important events relating to students at Heights College.

Newsletter – Up to date and instant access to current and past Heights College newsletters.

Absentees – Three avenues for contacting the College if a child is absent. Email, Call or Text. If you select one of these options it prefills out information.

Contacts – Details of the main contact personnel at Heights College.

Links – Links to other sites relevant to Heights College, such as College website.

Basic Setup

The App can be setup for a more personal experience. To only receive notifications and alerts related to your child’s year level you can modify the Subscriptions. After pulling down the App click on the Settings icon (COG) at the top right corner of the App as per image below.

This will bring up the Settings for the App. Click on ‘Subscriptions’.

On the next screen you can tick or untick the relevant Subscriptions that you want to receive notifications for.

The App can be downloaded in either Android or Apple format. To download the App either logon to the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and search for ‘Heights College’. Direct download links are

Apple Devices Link    Android Devices Link