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Formative Years & First Principal

From 1989 to 1992, Ian Head and Nedra Purnell were the teachers-in-charge and established the College in its formative years. Don Waterson took up appointment as the first Principal in 1993.

A modern two-storey building was constructed in 1989, through the sacrifice of the Church community. In 1992, this building was filled to capacity with 115 pre-school and primary children in Years 1 – 7. In November 1992 a second building was commenced. This coincided with the Commonwealth Government’s approval to start a high school in 1993 for Year 8 and progressing to Year 12 in 1997. Stage 3 of construction, which consisted of two new teaching blocks and an amenities block, commenced in July 1995 and completed in 1996. In 2000 two new Primary wings were constructed and opened for use and in 2001 the Administration building Nissi was refurbished.