Homework and Assessment

Student learning occurs in a wide range of environments, including the classroom. Some homework may be set by the teacher and may include:

- Completion of classwork
- Progressing through additional exercises covered during the day
- Undertaking research and assignments
- Rehearsing practical performances

It is expected that students, on average, will spend the following times on homework per week:

  Year 7 – 7 hours
  Year 8 – 8 hours
  Year 9 – 9 hours

Students are expected to have their homework diary with them at all times. Assigned homework is to be entered upon the completion of each lesson. At times, teachers may enter notes for parents / guardians in the diary. Parents are encouraged to indicate any concerns or other issues of a general nature in the diary also.

A supervised lunchtime detention system operates for students who fail to fulfil their homework expectations.

A supervised homework centre is available after school for students needing extra assistance.

Non-Completion of Assessment: Students requiring extension for any piece of assessment are to complete an Application for Extension form well before the due date of any assessment item outlining any special consideration. Parents will be notified when a student has failed to submit an assessment item by the due date.

The Application for Assignment Extension form can be accessed at this link.
The Application for Examination Reschedule form can be accessed at this link.

Reporting: Results of assessment and student progress are notified to parents through reports, two of which will be opportunities for a face to face interview with the teacher. Parents may, at any time, contact the College to arrange interviews with teaching staff. The College will contact parents at any time when a student’s progress causes concern.