Homework and Assessment

Homework is an essential component of every Senior student's educational program. Regular reviewing of information enhances the retention of this knowledge. The use of the homework diary, provided to each student at the start of the year, is essential.

Students in Senior school are expected to spend the following minimal time on homework each school night (5 days per week).

Year 10 - 2 hours
Year 11 - 2 1/2 hours
Year 12 - 3 hours

The use of a study timetable is strongly recommended. Assistance in preparing these is available.

Assessment in Senior school relates directly with the criteria in each subject. Task sheets with this criteria are provided to students, with both draft due and final due dates provided. The common curricular elements addressed in assessment task are listed on the task sheet.

Assessment policies, eg late and non-submitted work, are based on the requirements of the QSA and are strictly adhered to. An assessment calendar is provided to students and parents shortly after the start of each Semester.

Students requiring extension for any piece of assessment are to complete an Application for Extension form well before the due date of any assessment item, outlining any special consideration. Parents will be notified when a student has failed to submit an assessment item by the due date.

Reports are written at the completion of each Semester. A face-to-face conference with parents is scheduled at the beginning of Term 2 and 3. This enables strategies to be initiated to maximise student performance.

Contact between home and school can be arranged at anytime as requested or required. Preferred mode of contact is via email.