Our overarching term themes of Character, Leadership, Influence and Breakthrough are the golden threads which draw together the aims of the Heights College Missions Program. 

Each term our Missions Program is showcased at a whole school assembly which exemplifies this. 

From our local college community which, early in the year celebrates a Parade of Nations indicating the many and various nations represented at our college, to our leadership and influence through involvement in such fundraisers as the Red Shield Appeal and World Vision 40Hour Famine, to our breakthrough bi-ennial Missions trips, Heights College can say that we have a missions program of which to be very proud.

Our missions trips to different parts of the world have so far included Japan, China, Samoa, India, Kokoda, Torres Stait and Cambodia.

Information and applications forms are readily available from Mr Kevin O'Callaghan for these exciting trips or by contacting the College office admin@heights.qld.edu.au.

The purpose of these trips are:

• To further strengthen relational ties which have already been established during previous trips

• To provide opportunities for ministry and for sharing of ideas and practices, especially when we have visited schools in other countries.

• To give the students an appreciation of the many blessings they enjoy as students in an Australian school.

• To provide an opportunity for students to appreciate the lifestyle and culture that people of other cultures experience.

• To train the students in how to fulfil The Great Commission given by Jesus, through sharing their faith further afield.  As well it is an opportunity for students to utilise their God-given gifts and talents to serve and minister to others.