Play your part in the Music at Heights College

Whether you sing, play an instrument; want to learn more or just love listening to music, there is a part for everyone in Music at Heights.

There are three talented and friendly music teachers at Heights who are eager to help you find your part. Mr Romy Legaspi the Instrumental Music Teacher has some fresh new ideas ready to inspire young musicians. He will be taking small groups of students who SIGN UP for instrumental lessons. Year 6-12 students will receive 50min lessons and year 5 students, 30min lessons. Mr Legaspi will also be running the College Concert Band. He also has big plans for ensembles including: saxophones, clarinets and percussion. 
Further information can be obtained from the 2022 Instrumental Handbook.

Mr Romy Legaspi is also the conductor of the Jazz Ensemble which caters for all those students with beat, style, guitars and drum kits, along with others who can hold a groovy tune on sax or brass instruments.  If instruments aren't your thing and you just prefer to sing, the Secondary Choir may have a part for you.

Another gifted teacher at Heights is the Secondary Music Teacher, Mr Stephen Kumar. Mr Kumar teaches classroom music from Year 7-12 using innovative techniques and various resources to cover a wide range of genres and instruments.

Please see Mr Kumar if you are interested in getting involved in the Secondary Choir.

Finally, there is the music teacher who is encouraging new starts and creative exploration of music for Primary school students. Miss Naomi Donovan teaches Prep through to Year 6 so students can be exposed to the beauty and joy of music from a young age. Miss Donovan helps to run the Year 5 Band where students have the amazing opportunity to try an instrument for a year and participate in a band playing cool songs. She also runs Junior choir for Years 1-3 and Senior choir for grades 4-6. There is a musical put on by the Year 6 classes every year and there are now opportunities to show off your groovy moves in the Junior or Senior Dance Troupes.

If you think you could play a part in any of these exciting avenues visit one of your three talented and friendly music teachers to get involved. For those who just love listening to music, we’ll have some fantastic performances heading your way shortly. Keep your ears open for what’s happening next with Music at Heights.