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Our College Life

Senior School


Our College Life


Senior School


Welcome to Heights College Senior School, incorporating Years 10 to 12. These three years are essential for each student to develop as a unique person of worth, to choose appropriate academic and career pathways, and graduate as a person of integrity to impact the world for Christ.

The focus in Senior school is on leadership. Students learn to apply the principles and skills of leadership to their own study and lives. Many opportunities are provided for them to develop and demonstrate their servant-leadership qualities in the public arena.

The relationship between students, teachers and parents is essential and is strengthened through effective communication and working together to achieve the best result for every student. Each student is nurtured through the academic, physical, social, spiritual and emotional challenges of Senior school. A Christ-centered curriculum, Biblically-infused planning and professional delivery of the work programs reaffirms their value. Irrespective of the various academic and vocational pathway chosen, a rigorous and meaningful education is provided.

By the completion of their Senior Schooling, every graduate of Heights College should be able to say ‘I know who I am, I know what I am to do and I know how to do it’.







Rugby League


Heights College is involved with the University of New South Wales in a range of competitions…

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