Specialised Programs

Heights College supports a philosophy of inclusive education. Students within the Primary area range in ability from gifted and talented to those who require learning support. In addition to supportive and innovative classroom programs, Primary Schooling at Heights College offers the following specialised programs to support the differing needs of our students.

Maths Olympiad
Students in Years 4 to 7 with high level maths skills have the opportunity to participate in the Maths Olympiad. This program runs for five months, with a team of thirty students meeting once a month to tackle a series of problem solving activities.

The Support-A-Reader program provides one-on-one assistance for those students who are experiencing difficulties with their reading development. Many students are able to develop their skills to such an extent, that they are able to work independently in the classroom after participation.

Year 5 Instrumental Program
The Instrumental Music Program assists students in individual instruction in Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Trumpet, Saxophone, Drums, Percussion and Piano. Year 5 will once again be the compulsory introduction to instruction in brass instruments one lesson per week over the whole year. Students will also have an opportunity to join a band or ensemble to further enhance their Music education.

Heights College is involved with the University of New South Wales sponsored English, Maths, Computer, Writing and Science competitions with students from Year 3 to 6 given the opportunity to sit for the English, Maths, Computer Skills, Writing, Spelling and Science Competitions.

Take Home Reading Program
Take Home Reading has continued to be a vital tool in the Primary area assisting students with regular, compulsory reading opportunities at home.  The Primary students Take Home Reading books are changed daily with the process being stringently monitored to encourage students to read regularly on a daily basis.

HPE/ Interschool Sports Program
Development in all areas of each student’s physical abilities and skills, health education and sportsmanship is encouraged in each year level. The continuation of an Intra-School Team Competition in Terms 2 and 3 further enhances student involvement and builds greater pride and team spirit. This is expanded upon even further with the continuation of Interschool Sport involvement on Friday afternoons in the winter months including a wide range of game options and competition for the 10 to 12 year olds as they compete against other schools in Netball and Hockey.

‘I’ Achieve Testing / PAT Tests
An online ‘I’ Achieve standardised test from ACER tests all students in the Primary area from Preparatory to 6. This process helps to monitor student progress in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. 

Heights College is committed to providing regular formal computer lessons for all Primary classes instructing students in computer technology, computer literacy and use of the Internet. Computers with Internet access are available in the two computer labs and the Learning and Leadership Centre to aid further instruction and research. All Primary students have access to the computer labs and IPads for at least one 50 minute lesson per week during class time and again at lunch breaks.

The introduction of short screen Whiteboards in all Primary classrooms has revolutionised teaching and learning for all students as they have enjoyed the ability to interact with their learning environment in a very unique way and to see concepts and ideas presented through multimedia presentations.