Specialised Programs

Heights College believes that each student is special and has different abilities and giftings.  A range of subjects, activities and learning experiences are provided to cater for each student expressing these giftings.  Whilst differentiation occurs in the mainstream curriculum and extra curricular activities, the following programs are more specific in their focus on particular needs.

Firstly, an intervention program caters for students with learning difficulties that have been diagnosed, documented and reported by qualified professionals.

The Instrumental Music program commences in Year 5 but allows entry at any stage.  At present there is operating Jazz Band, Swing Ensemble and Senior Choir.  Opportunities occur for regular performances at competitions and a weekly College Assembly.

Student Education and Training Planning occurs during Year 10 and is reviewed annually.  This may be reviewed whenever a SAT is sought or when a career pathway is altered.

The Homework Centre program is well pationered on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  It has proven to be popular and very well supported.  Where possible, both an English and Maths teacher is timetabled to assist the attendees.

See also ''Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Programs" for further programming