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Therapy Dog

Sage is very special member of our College community. She is a three-year-old Cavoodle who serves as a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Australia (Level 3). Sage is not just any pup; she’s a ray of sunshine on four legs, spreading love, comfort, and joy wherever she goes.

Sage’s role at our school is truly heart-warming. She has a knack for loving people of all ages, from the youngest students to the oldest staff members.

As a therapy dog, Sage plays a vital role in our College environment. Her primary responsibilities include:

  1. Loving People: Sage’s unconditional love knows no bounds. Whether she’s snuggling up to a student during a reading session or sitting quietly with a staff member during a stressful day, Sage’s love knows how to make hearts melt.
  2. Distressing Students and Staff: School can sometimes be overwhelming for students and staff alike. Sage is here to lend a paw (or two) when things get tough. Her calming presence and soothing energy help alleviate stress and promote emotional well-being for all.
  3. Providing Comfort and Joy: Sage is a master at spreading smiles and happiness. Whether she’s wagging her tail eagerly or offering gentle nudges for pats, Sage knows just how to lift spirits and brighten days.

We are incredibly grateful to have Sage as part of our school community, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact she continues to make on all of us.